So first I was in this game and I saw this game called ”jalkbreak2 and I was a big fan of jailbreak i thought It was a copy of jailbreak but when I got in there was a red room and I went inside and I saw a dead body I was Freaking scared then I left... next day I got on my Xbox to play roblox then when I got on there my face was gone it scared me so bad that I jump up. then 3 more days it was Normal cuz it said there was an update to your account I was like hmm maybe my account is okay then it was okay. so then I found that game jailbreak 2 and there were a lot of players and last time I saw infinite guest in jailbreak2 but now every one was playing jailbreak2 I started to get happy and jailbreak 2 had no guest and guest infinite and that was good I was playing with my friends and they made my day the end.

Guest infinite
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